The Students for Life of America team looks forward to assisting you in your Pregnant on Campus Initiative efforts. If you are a student or student group interested in getting involved, contact us today! (General inquiries about Students for Life of America can be sent to )

Pregnant on Campus Director

Students for Life of America’s Pregnant on Campus Director is responsible for the Pregnant on Campus program development, support of the SFLA Regional Coordinators, assistance with challenging student groups’ issues, and media interviews and requests. Contact our Director at

SFLA Regional Coordinators

Our 2016-2017 SFLA Regional Coordinators and Directors are available to students nationwide. These dedicated leaders assist our student groups in their Pregnant on Campus efforts. Each Regional Coordinator is responsible for the student groups in their listed region. They assist these groups with advice, training, resources, and year-long guidance.




To learn more about our Students for Life of America team, see our SFLA staff page.


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