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Students for Life of America is now offering 12 Pregnant on Campus trainings — FOR FREE — to affiliated student groups. If your group is interested in participating in our Initiative or already participating, please contact your Regional Coordinator for a Pregnant on Campus training. As of December 2016, the trainings available to your group are:

  • Pregnant on Campus (Introduction): Review the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, its mission, and its application on campus. Discuss scenarios, pertinent research, available Pregnant on Campus resources, and ways to get involved.
  • Building a Better Future (Introduction): Review the Building a Better Future programs, its mission, and its application on high school campuses. Discuss scenarios, pertinent research, available Building a Better Future resources, and ways to get involved.
  • Plan Your Year (Fall): Creating a consistent and persistent Fall schedule of activities to meet short-term and long-term campus goals; Outlining recommended activities, events, and strategies month-by-month.
  • PonC Applied: Vision, Goals, and Effective Strategies: Create a thoughtful, strategic plan for your campus and achieving your long-term vision and goals. Training includes a challenge to determine your vision, explanation of how to set SMART Pregnant on Campus goals, and a step-by-step review of 5 sample goals and ways to achieve them. (Very hands on and practical! Especially for new groups or those struggling to plan and set goals.)
  • Identifying Resources : Tips and tools for identifying basic and comprehensive pregnancy and parenting resources to better advance your Pregnant on Campus Initiative and to develop new resource materials.
  • Title IX : Understanding pregnancy and parenting rights and accommodations and how to best advocate for students experiencing discrimination or challenges; Includes information regarding scholarships, housing, classroom policies, and special circumstances (i.e. study abroad, scientific studies, and athletics).
  • Helping Her : How to work one-on-one with a pregnant or parenting student to identify her needs, support her, and hopefully develop a relationship.
  • Marketing Matters : How to increase you reach and impact by developing a consistent and sometimes creative approach to branding, messaging, and advertisement.
  • Effective Outreach : How to plan and execute effective projects that meet your unique campus needs and adapt messaging specific to PonC and your community.
  • What Students Need : The top 5 resources that pregnant and parenting students need and how to find or create resources to meet these needs.
  • Networking 101 : How to enter into new relationships with contacts on and off campus and how to go about setting up meetings, building relationships, and working effectively together.
  • Advocating for Pregnant & Parenting Students : Writing and presenting clear, effective proposals for campus policy improvements and new resources that can be presented to your Dean of Students, Student Government, etc.

Fall 2016 Trainings

Join the SFLA Team and student leaders to discuss Pregnant on Campus topics throughout the fall. We will be featuring student leaders and organization leaders. Topic discussions will include:

  • Pregnant/parenting student needs
  • Networking on and off campus
  • Pro-love approach to unplanned pregnancy
  • Title IX rights and accommodations
  • Adoption
  • Group successes

Check out our schedule and the training details on our Fall 2016 training schedule page.

GO TO: FALL 2016 Training Schedule