Pregnancy Resources Survey

Students for Life (SFLA) and Feminists for Life (FFL) have teamed up! SFLA and FFL have combined their Pregnancy Resources Survey and Guide into one program. Take the comprehensive survey first so that you can collect all the information available for local resources on campus and in the community. Then, easily transfer your answers into the following guide!  The guide is highlighted in order to quickly identify those places that you need to add your school and local resources. This is an excellent way to improve your knowledge of your community resources as well as provide a complete resource guide for your peers!

Once you have completed your Survey and Guide, please submit it to us at These guides are used to update your school in the Pregnancy Resources section of this website. This is also your first step in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. You can also find helpful tips on advertising and distributing your resource guide here.

Resources Checklist

You want to find out your campus resources, but you are not ready to complete the Resources Survey. We have a simpler tool for you! You can use our Pregnant on Campus Resources Checklist to guide your group through identifying resources and assessing your relationships with campus and community contacts. This Checklist should allow you to then set goals for identifying and developing resources and for networking with campus and local contacts.

customizable-resource-guide-2016Resource Guide for Pregnant & Parenting Students

Within this Resource Guide, you will find information and resources for a wide variety of resource categories that will assist pregnant and parenting students. You are encouraged to customize this Resource Guide so that it will best serve your campus and community. Highlighted lines throughout the Guide will explain what to add to each section. For questions or assistance completing this project, please contact our Pregnant on Campus Director, Beth Rahal.

Please note: As a life-affirminorganization, we do not and will not refer students to abortion providers (e.g. Planned Parenthood). We encourage your student group to find alternative resources in your community.


Your Next Step: Promoting Resources on Campus