Are America’s colleges delivering?

Delivering resources to students in need that is!

Now, of course, the majority of our nation’s colleges provide centers and resources for students, such as disabled learning, counseling, and health facilities. In fact, colleges have become well equipped to handle almost ANY problem or issue students may face that pose a challenge to obtaining a college degree. Mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual – you name it – colleges have become increasingly aware of the need to provide support and guidance to students facing challenging circumstances.

However, what occurs when a student comes to the administration with a circumstance that affects her mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual life?

Are colleges prepared to handle the inevitable – a woman asking for help and guidance during a pregnancy?

The overwhelming answer to this question has been a resounding NO.

The sad fact is that the majority of colleges in America are ill-prepared to handle a student who comes to them asking for help during a pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Look no further than Feminists for Life’s Pregnancy Resource Survey to find clear proof:

In November 2007, Feminists for Life and Students for Life of America asked 400 pro-life student leaders to put themselves in the shoes of a pregnant or parenting student. Could these activists—who were not feeling the shock of facing an unplanned pregnancy, whose predisposition was to find help for a woman considering abortion and to support parenting students—find the basic resources needed for a pregnant woman to have her baby and continue her education, and for a parenting student to get that all-important degree?

According to the results of the survey, “The responses to FFL’s Survey reveal hard truths about the situation for pregnant and parenting students on campus: either there is a genuine lack of resources on campus, or there is ignorance about existing resources—even among student activists who are most vested in supporting services for pregnant and parenting students. Whether it is a lack of resources or ignorance, the result is the same from students’ perspectives. Pregnant and parenting students do not see themselves as welcomed or supported on college campuses.”

For a detailed look at the survey:

Feminists For Life & Students for Life have united to promote this important survey on college campuses. If you or your group would like to take this survey, please click here.

Information collected through the survey will be shared through FFL’s National Campus Resource Directory.  As with the previous survey, Feminists for Life also plans to reveal the survey results in a study.

I encourage ALL student pro-life groups to take this brief, yet vitally important survey and email me or FFL’s Sally Winn to share your results!

The facts are clear: America’s colleges are not providing the necessary resources for pregnant/parenting students. Nor are they addressing this vital issue on their campus. It’s now time to begin to hold them accountable and demand that they become prepared.


Pregnant Students Not Welcome

Great article about SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative! Check it out:

Pregnant Students Not Welcome?

“When Fordham University student Eleanor Todd found out during her junior year she was pregnant, she knew dropping out of school wasn’t an option. She didn’t want to get an abortion either. But she realized keeping her baby and staying in class would be hard, and Fordham didn’t make it any easier.

During her pregnancy, Todd sought help from the student health center. The nurses didn’t have information ready for student moms, and Todd found out most of what she needed to know, like how to get proper health care, by asking questions. The school, which doesn’t have options for family housing, also kicked her out of her dorm and took away her housing scholarship.

Problems like the ones Todd faced may point to one reason why 46 percent of abortions in America are preformed on college-aged women, according to the Guttmacher Institute – too many women think they must choose between having a baby and getting an education…”

Adoption Reality Show

Just last week, I was contacted by a major TV network who had heard about Pregnant on Campus. They want to work with us to promote our initiative as well as find current pregnant or parenting mothers who are considering placing their child for adoption.

They want to highlight adoption as well as the decision that it takes to go through with it. This never before ground-breaking documentary television series tells the story from the point of view of young expecting birth mothers who are at a crossroads, facing an important and life altering decision in their lives.

I think this could be a show that highlights adoption as well as what we are working for, namely getting services and projects on campus which will directly help pregnant and parenting students.

To find our more info:

If you would like any other information on who to get in contact with or if you know of someone interested in participating please EMAIL ME!


Pro-Life Flash Mob!!

Today, SFLA joined with pro-life members at VCU to hold a pro-life flash mob on the VCU campus. Approximately 100 of pro-abortion individuals were protesting the new regulations that would be placed upon abortion facilities in Virginia. In reality, this is simply bringing abortion clinics up to standard clinical regulations.

The abortion industry in Virginia is scared because they know these regulations will close down most of their unregulated and quite frankly, dangerous, clinics.

We rained on their parade, surprising the protest by holding signs and yellow LIFE balloons. It was a great counter protest…Check out the media coverage:,0,6470608.story


Who’s that guy in the video?!

After overcoming the initial shock that no one on campus could provide us with necessary information for a parent and his child, the 2nd question you may have asked yourself while watching our debut video is: Why is a male coordinating the Pregnant on Campus Initiative?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jon Scharfenberger and I am the Coordinator of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative (PoC.) I graduated from Ave Maria University this past May, where I had been President of the campus pro-life group, and am now working full-time for Students for Life of America.

Believe it or not, I asked myself the same question when I was offered an opportunity to coordinate the efforts of launching this new Initiative. I pondered why a male was chosen to launch this initiative.

To be sure, I received perplexing looks by the students as I was pushing a stroller around on campus asking very uncommon questions. See the perplexing looks! And if you are wondering whether I have found the lactation room yet, NO I have not.

As I was receiving weird and shocked looks, I realized something. As much as you almost never see a pregnant or parenting woman on campus, you absolutely never see a parenting man on campus.  Too often, the father disappears – either abandoning his pregnant girlfriend or resorting to the ‘neutral’ statement, “I’ll support whatever you decide to do.” This statement, however, is far from neutral. By refusing to take a stand you are abandoning your girlfriend to make a decision alone. Do we forget that it takes two to tango? This stance can be just as bad as pressuring a girlfriend into having an abortion.

If the mother does decide to have an abortion, not only will she suffer emotional and mental anguish, but so will the father. For every woman affected by abortion, there is also a man; both equal parents to the aborted child.

Furthermore, when college campuses work to provide resources and services on campus for pregnant and parenting students, they must note that not only do they have a responsibility to aid the mother and her child, but also the father. A family is now involved.

Let’s face it, men can often be lost in the abortion debate. Men play an intricate role in the relationship as they have a natural instinct to provide for and protect their families. In an unintended or crisis pregnancy, men must step up and assume their role as a father. They must support the mother and provide the encouragement and confidence that everything will work out, that they will be able to get an education while parenting a child, that they need not end up in despair and regret.

In a way, perhaps it helps to have a male coordinate this new project. We want to shed light on the fact that college campuses are not prepared to aid pregnant and parenting students. All three individuals: father, mother, and child, deserve to have the necessary services and resources at their disposal and we hope to achieve that through this Initiative.

Please contact me if you would like your pro-life group to participate in Pregnant on Campus!

For more information on lost fatherhood:

Welcome to the start of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative!

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative is a response to the stunning statistic that approximately 46% of abortions in America are performed on college-aged women. This comes from a study done by the Guttmacher Institute. When faced with an unintended or crisis pregnancy, many students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or raising their child. Too often, college campuses do not provide the necessary resources or environment that support pregnant and parenting students.

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative aims to address this issue by helping campus pro-life groups to create effective and lasting change on their campus. We encourage and challenge pro-life groups to address this issue on their campus by engaging in service activities geared to providing necessary resources to pregnant and parenting students.

Whether the project is creating a campus support group or installing diaper decks in bathrooms. Whether it involves establishing an Assistance Fund for Pregnant and Parenting students or securing affordable housing on campus, these projects serve a great purpose that will serve students for years to come.

The fact is that there is a severe lack of resources on campus for pregnant and parenting students. When asked if there are any resources on their campus, many students are startled and do not know how to respond.

We recently went to a college campus to see if any students could direct us to pregnant and parenting resources…check out our findings:

The facts are clear: too often, pregnant and parenting students have nowhere to turn in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. These students deserve a more supportive and life-affirming environment on their campus where services and resources are well advertised and readily available.

Students for Life of America is prepared to help student groups establish essential resources and bring effective change to campuses across America.

To find out more information of what your campus pro-life group can do and how to get involved in the Initiative, go to the Things You Can Do page.