MUW students partner with PRC to support women

MUW Group PhotoMUW Students for Life understands the importance of building a relationship with and supporting their local pregnancy resource center. They want to help women on and off their campus receive helpful, supportive resources to address their pregnancy and parenting needs. These students aren’t sitting back and waiting for resources to magically appear on campus. No. They are taking initiative and bringing the resources to campus!

MUW Tabling- 2The first step was contacting their local pregnancy resource center. Getting in contact with their local pregnancy resource center, Life Choices Pregnancy Care Center, was easy. The center was looking to expand their efforts to campus, and they greatly supported the students efforts to partner. After some emails and visits to the center, the group began pushing forward advertising efforts on campus.  In February, Students for Life hosted a successful baby shower for the center. They also displayed the center’s brochures and actively worked to spread their name around campus by tabling at their school’s health fair and by flyering on campus.

MUW DonationsThe Students for Life group even received a flattering shoutout from their campus newspaper, The Spectator. The article highlighted the group’s efforts to support and educate students on campus, and it noted the group’s partnership with Life Choices. The writer accurately summed up the group’s mission:  “Students for Life hopes to open eyes, change minds and touch hearts. The ultimate goal of Students for Life is to save lives.

MUW TablingMUW Students for Life appreciates the growing relationship that they’ve developed with Life Choices, and they’ve watched how this partnership has benefitted their group and their peers on campus. President Joanna Frye said, “It has only been less than 6 months…the relationship has grown rapidly. They have really embraced us and enjoy working with the group. They give us materials and offer any help that we may need. They have invited for us to speak with them at local churches.”

When asked “Why is it important for student groups to work with and support pregnancy resource centers?” the group responded:

“It is important to have an relationship with your local center because they are also trying to impact the college age groups on campus too. You are both going for the same goal to save lives,  and provide help to those women/fathers/families who need resources to raise a child. It is vital to have a partner and a support system. So, why do it alone?”

Great job, MUW Students for Life! We hope that more student groups take the initiative to reach out to their local pregnancy resource centers. If you need help connecting with your local centers or you need support brainstorming and planning events, please contact the SFLA team! We look forward to working with you.


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UW group raises $700 for diapers!

Students for Life at UW-- Diaper DriveStudents for Life at UW are a brand new group at the University of Wyoming, but that doesn’t stop them from making a huge difference on campus and in their community. As their first event, these students organized a diaper drive to support Heart to Heart, a local pregnancy resource center that provides free support and resources to pregnant and parenting women in their community.

When asked why these students wanted to host this event, Louisa Wilkinson (a SFL student leader) replied: “We want to show our campus and community what being pro-life is all about – loving babies and moms!”

The group reached out to Heart to Heart and learned that diapers where their #1 need. The students explained: “Diapers are a huge part of raising a child, and this event was so eye-opening because we had no idea how expensive diapers are.”

Diaper Cart- UWTo push forward their effort, Students for Life at UW created an online website where people could donate money that would be used to purchase diaper donations. This website greatly benefitted the group’s project because students, parents, friends and community members were able to donate whatever they could afford. Supporters donated anywhere from $5 to $50. Over $700 were raised to buy diapers that will help moms aided by Heart to Heart!

Reflecting on this event, the Students for Life group shared: “Our Diaper Drive has really motivated us to find other ways to make our campus a baby friendly campus. A long term goal is to make sure there are changing stations in every bathroom on campus.”

Students for Life of America is proud to work alongside Students for Life at UW, and we are excited to see what they accomplish next! If your group wants to organize a diaper drive, check out this helpful guide. Email us stories of your Pregnant on Campus successes so that we can celebrate your group!


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. To share your story or to get more involved with the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, please email Beth at


5 Books for Expectant Moms

With all the emotions and joyful chaos of pregnancy, sometimes you need to sit back and take time for yourself. Here is a short list of books for young moms preparing for motherhood. These books are a great source of hope and help whether this is your first time or your third! Take a moment, kick up your feet, and start flipping the pages. You’ll be glad that you did.

(Not preggo?? Consider buying one of these books for a friend!)

1. Tiny Blue Lines

Tiny Blue Lines is the perfect book for you or your friend who is going through an unplanned pregnancy. Author Chaunie Brusie shares her college pregnancy experience. Young mamas, Chaunie knows exactly what you are going through! This book provides excellent advice for answering tough questions like whether to give the child up for adoption, to marry the father, to stay in school, to pursue a career, and how to process their experience in a way that frees them to move forward. Don’t forget to read all the way to the end to learn the “6 Lessons from an Unwed Mother”!

2. A Bump in Life

In the book A Bump in Life, Embrace Grace founder, Amy Ford, shares 22 unplanned pregnancy stories (including her own!). These stories are a great reminder that you are not alone, and you may even find yourself exclaiming– “That’s my story!” A Bump in Life is a great source of encouragement and hope for any young mom facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

3. The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not all glowing mamas and cute bellies. Vicki Iovine delivers a “no holds barred” style guide to pregnancy. Do you really want to know what to expect? Read this book. Vicki provides a very honest critique of all the “lovely” physical and emotional experiences of pregnancy. If you want to laugh, this book is for you.

4. The Gentle Birth Method

If you’re looking for natural ways to improve your pregnancy experience, check out The Gentle Birth Method. Whether you are planning on a hospital birth or something a little more unconventional, this book has helpful tips to prepare you for a natural birth.

5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a great read for any first-time mom! Hailed as “America’s pregnancy bible,” this book offers a comprehensive month-by-month, in depth look into pregnancy. You’ll be informed of what to expect and provided with tons of FAQs from moms like you. If you want thorough, informative read, this is the perfect all-around book to read throughout your pregnancy.

Remember: Every mom has different expectations for what they want out of a pregnancy book. Some want to laugh. Others are looking for guidelines and advice. Some want medical, no fuss explanations. Others simply want to read a good story! Whether you are buying a book for yourself or for a friend, pick the book that best suits you or the expectant mom


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