Social media is the quickest, easiest way to share pregnancy resources with your peers. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites to promote your Pregnant on Campus Initiative and to advertise pregnancy resources information.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Set a schedule for frequency of posts and content. For example, you may schedule Pregnancy Help Posts (M/W/F), Pro-Life Articles or Graphics (T/Th), and Event Notices (as needed).
  2. Create a committee to handle your group’s Public Relations. Assign 1-2 members of your group to handle your group’s social media accounts. Be sure to record all logins and passwords in your President’s Binder so that you don’t get locked out of your accounts.
  3. Make a communications plan. Decide on the text and images that will be used in your upcoming posts. Take note of what posts perform better, and adapt accordingly.
  4. Increase engagement. Add action phrases such as LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, and RETWEET to boost post engagement. And tell your group members to share posts from their personal accounts!
  5. Communicate! Respond to any posts or messages to your group’s accounts. Check your Inbox, posts or tweets, etc.

Easy Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges are an easy way to get all your members to get active. Challenge your members to post from their personal accounts and to share your group’s Facebook page posts. When many people do the same media posts at once, it’s noticeable! Here are some suggestions for social media challenges:

  • Change your profile picture to a select pro-life graphic for a set period of time (e.g. one week).
  • All members share this image and text as your Facebook status, tweet, or Instagram post.
  • All members invite X number of people to a Facebook event for your next pregnancy outreach project.
  • All members take a picture with a sign (such as “Pregnant students deserve … “) and share on your social media accounts.

The hardest part of your social media outreach will be reaching beyond your pro-life audience to the general student population. Partner with other groups on campus to share messages. Encourage students in your group to share posts from the group’s page on their own page. Advertise and promote your page where more students will see it. You may even want to consider creating a page specifically for your Pregnant on Campus Initiative.

 Messages that Work

  • Pregnant? You are not alone. Call ___________ to discuss your options. All calls are free and confidential!
  • Pregnant? You are not alone. Call __________ for free and confidential pregnancy help.
  • Pregnancy is not the end of your education. Contact Students for Life to learn more about your options. Email us at _______
  • Students for Life is handing out FREE pregnancy tests in the Quad from 2pm-4pm. Come find us!
  • SFL supports pregnant and parenting students. Check out our NEW pregnancy resources website: ____________. LIKE and SHARE.
  • We love parenting students! LIKE if you enjoyed this article: _______________

Can’t think of a quick post? Go to our Pregnant on Campus Initiative Facebook page, and share a post!

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