Many times, little or no resources are available for pregnant and parenting students on campus simply because no one has actually proposed them. Diaper decks (also called baby changing tables) maybe a great way to begin a dialogue with school administration to consider having more resources on your campus. This can be accomplished within a year, if done properly and with persistence.


Credit: babychangingstationsonline-com

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Dialogue with proper staff and administrators to see if they would consider funding the diaper decks project.
    • Your proposal shoud be no more than 2 pages, or simply a sit down meeting with your school administration (e.g. Dean of Students, Human Resources).
    • Note that this project not only helps pregnant and parenting students, but also any parenting staff members and visitors to campus.
    • With a clear and solid proposal, you could be the first individuals to highlight a serious lack of resources on your campus, which could motivate the administration to take action.
    • If you are unable to convince your school to fund the project, offer to raise funds through your student group. You can also propose this as a project through your Student Government Association (or equivalent).
  2. Fundraise enough money to provide for 3 or 4 diaper decks.
    • The price of a diaper deck ranges anywhere from $125-200. You can review prices of Koala Kare diaper decks at
    • Ask campus and community organizations to partner with you. You may ask your local pregnancy resource center, the campus health clinic, a sorority on campus, or even a local company (or donor) to help your project by sponsoring one or two decks.
    • Car washes, bake sales, concerts, 5k run/walk, profit shares, etc are all easy and simple fundraisers you can do in order to raise money.
    • Visit the Students for Life Fundraising Tips page for more.
  3. Locate key areas on campus.
    • Find bathrooms or enclosed areas situated in buildings that are more frequently visited by students and the public.
    • Examples may include: The campus student center, library, cafeteria, recreation/athletic center(s), and/or women’s health center.
  4. Install the diaper decks.
    • You will obviously have to get the school’s permission to install the decks.
    • Your group may choose to ask volunteers to make installation run efficiently, or your school may require that school maintenance or a hired professional installs the decks.
  5. Advertise the diaper decks around campus.
    • Hand the flyers out to staff members who may have children of their own.
    • If you have a Family Resources or Child Care Office on campus, talk to staff about adding the diaper deck locations to their office’s website.
    • Have your local campus newspaper or even a few health centers around the area advertise the new addition to the school.

If you fundraise smart and efficiently, there is no reason you cannot have the funding available to install diaper decks. The challenge will come in convincing school administration to allow for installation of the decks. However, a small step like this can open the door for more dialogue on the necessity of pregnancy resources on campus.

Defend Your Claim

Wondering how to support your claim? Check out this article on recent campaigns and laws that have helped support the installment of more diaper changing stations in the public and on campus.

Sample Petitions/Proposals and Signature Sheets

Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator and/or the Pregnant on Campus Director for an editable petition to use for your campus proposals.