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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a pregnant/parenting student. How do I find resources to help me?

On this website, you will find hundreds of resources for pregnant and parenting students across the country. To find the best resources to suit your needs, search your school, and check out your school’s unique resources page. Check out the resources for your unique needs, and then pursue further advice and support by contacting these organizations. If your school is not listed or you have any questions about how to identify your needs, please contact pregnancyresources@studentsforlife.org.

I’m pregnant. Where can I go for help?

Finding out that you are pregnant is a life changing moment. Whether this is an expected or unexpected pregnancy, you may have questions. What are my options? What help is there for me? How can I balance pregnancy and a college education? All of these questions will be answered in time. First, let’s find you someone to talk to!

If you know your specific need, you can use this website as a guide. Go to your school’s resource page, and click on your topic of need. You can then contact the listed organizations for help and support. If your school is not listed, go to the “National Resources” page or contact us.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about your pregnancy options, we recommend that you go to your local pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). The PRC staff will provide free, confidential support during and after your pregnancy. They also may offer free ultrasounds, materials, housing, etc. To identify the PRC closest to your school, click on your school’s resources page, and click on the “Pregnancy Options” section. You can also find your local PRC by going to www.OptionLine.org. You are also welcome to contact our staff for additional support.

I’m pregnant. Where do I find a doctor who will support my pregnancy?

If you are seeking an obstetrician or gynecologist in your area, we recommend that you check out the Physician Directory provided by the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG). Search for doctors in your area here.

I had an abortion, and I’m feeling sad and confused. Who can I talk to?

Women experience many different emotions after an abortion. You may feel confused, sad, frustrated, or alone. Please know that you are not alone. You can find hope and healing beyond abortion. Whether you are looking for someone to talk, a support group, or a healing program, there is help for you. Please see the “After Abortion” counseling resources on the national page, or those sections on your school or state resources page. For immediate help, call Abortion Recovery at 866-4-My-Recovery.

I’m considering adoption. Where can I find more information?

Making the decision to place your child in a loving home is a difficult and courageous choice. Adoption is not the way it once was – parents that place their child for adoption are now able to seek legal help and a support system prior, during and after the placement.  This allows for the birthparent(s) to experience healing from the placement and continue to better their lives.

We support you in whatever decision you make to give you and your child the best future. As you think about your options, we encourage you to contact an adoption agency. You can find adoption agencies in your state here. We also encourage you to check out Pregnant on Campus’ Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption and the resources listed on our “National Resources” page under “Adoption.”

My school isn’t listed here. What do I do?

If your school is not listed, you can also use the “National Resources” page to find national organizations. If you wish to help us add a campus page for your school, please go to “Submit Campus Info” page for instructions.

If you are in need of individual support, you may contact our Pregnant on Campus Coordinator at pregnancyresources@studentsforlife.org for individual support. Please view our “Contact Us” page to learn about what information we may need to assist you! We also encourage you to learn more about your school’s health resources by scheduling an appointment with your school’s Student Health Center and/or Title IX Coordinator. The staff at the Health Center can talk to you about the services that their center may offer during your pregnancy. You can also discuss the conditions and policies for pregnant students on campus.

I would like to add a resource to your website. How can I do this?

If you know of resources that are not listed on this website,please go to “Submit Campus Info” page for instructions. We will add a unique school page for your school, or add your recommended resources to the appropriate school, state, or national page(s). Email pregnancyresources@studentsforlife.org with recommendations, questions, or concerns.

How can I promote pregnancy and parenting resources on my campus?

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has designed step-by-step guides to help college students bring pregnancy resource projects to college campuses. If you are interested in promoting and expanding resources on your campus, check out SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative. The Pregnant on Campus Initiative offers a variety of project ideas and guidelines, as well as helpful tips for effective outreach on your college campus. With the help of Pregnant on Campus staff, you will be able to establish significant help for pregnant and parenting students.

Don’t wait! This is your opportunity to transform your campus. Contact pregnancyresources@studentsforlife.org to get started!

I want to start a student group to promote pregnancy resources. How do I start?

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is a national pro-life organization devoted to starting and developing pro-life student groups. SFLA regional coordinators across the country offer free, one-on-one support to pro-life student leaders.  Currently, SFLA offers free trainings, resources, and guidance to more than 1200 active student groups.

Where can I access research on college pregnancy, parenting, students’ educational success, etc?

Contact pregnancyresources@studentsforlife.org to learn more about current research on such topics as the following: college pregnancy rates, parenting students’ educational success, student awareness of pregnancy resources, abortion among college-aged women, birth control, and more.

I am a college administrator. How do I change my school to better support pregnant/parenting students?

Administrators play a crucial role in shaping the college campus and community. It is your responsibility to design policies and conditions that allow for student diversity and support the various needs of its community. If you truly desire to advance the educational success of the parenting students on your campus, you may first consider the policies on campus. Do your policies discourage or exclude pregnant/parenting students from living arrangements, extracurricular activities, educational opportunities, etc? Is your campus fit to support parenting students’ needs-such as lactation rooms, diaper decks, or family housing?

To begin to investigate the “family friendliness” of your campus, we recommend that you take the Pregnancy Resources Survey found here.

Also, your school may be able to receive funding to support pregnant and parenting students. The Feminists for Life (FFL) Pregnancy Assistance Fund provides grants from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Inspired by Feminists for Life’s Pregnancy Resource Forums, the first of four components provides grants to states in order to support pregnant and parenting students at institutions of higher education. Grants are awarded every three years. Administrators need to apply to the state for direct funding. To learn more about these funds, please go to http://www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-initiatives/paf/home.html