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Pregnancy Resource Centers offer women with non-judgmental support and help at a stressful time in their lives. These centers are a critical resource in helping mothers in need. They provide tangible answers to the questions “What do I do now?” and “Where do I get help?”.

As an individual or as a group, you can effectively promote and defend pregnancy resource centers. You can be the one to direct women to help and support!

Find Your Local PRC

Step ONE! If you do not know where your closest pregnancy resource center (PRC) is, call (800)395-4357 or go to (and enter your location). Call your local PRC and schedule a time to meet with them to learn more about their services and how you and the PRC can work together.

What You Can Do

  1. Advertise
    • Post flyers for your local PRC around your school. Consider posting in the Student Union, bathroom stalls, coffee shops, libraries, RA boards, and other high traffic spots on campus.
    • Chalk campus sidewalks with the number for the local PRC.
    • Provide brochures, flyers, and/or cards for your local PRC at each of your tabling events.
  2. Make PRC events fun!
    • When holding a fundraiser or a collection, make it fun!
    • Host your event in the quad and have Baby Shower games.
    • Suggested games: Baby bottle chugging. Guess that baby food. How many pink/blue jelly beans in the jar. Race to change the baby dolls diapers.
  3. Hold a Woman’s Health Fair
    • Show your classmates and your community what real women’s health is!
    • Invite local organizations to represent themselves and share information.
    • Advertise for local PRCs, adoption agencies, and pro-life doctors.
    • Provide informational resources for pregnant and parenting resources- such as the Resource Guide for Pregnant and Parenting Students!
  4. Volunteer at the PRC
    • Offer your time answering phone calls, filing paper work, or whatever else may be needed! You may also be trained to handle crisis phone calls and office visits.
  5. Invite PRC representatives to your events
    • PRC staff and even directors are typically very willing to come to your school to offer a speaker presentation, to participate in your events, and/or to help hand out resources at your tabling events. Don’t be shy! Ask and invite.
  6. Be vigilant and act
    • Pro-abortion groups on campus and in the community may not have your PRC’s best interest at heart. Be aware if fellow students or local media are giving your PRC a bad name.
    • Inform the PRC of any organizations that may cause trouble for them.
    • Defend your PRC in conversation and in writing. If you see a bad report online, write a positive defense in the comment section.
    • Review “A Passion to Serve” for a general overview of accomplishments of pregnancy resource centers across the country.