PonC- Breastfeeding- Parenting On Campus

Here are the necessary steps your group should take to make this a reality:

1) Gather any pregnant/parenting students on campus and parenting staff members.

  • When you go discuss possible funding for this project, you will have a support group of individuals who would be dependent upon a lactation room.
  • Gather a number of volunteers who would be willing to clean and take care of the room after it is completed.

2) Dialogue with proper staff and administrators to see if they would consider funding the project.

  • Schedule a meeting with your Dean of Students or a representative from Resident Life offices.
  • Remember that this project not only helps pregnant and parenting students, but also parenting staff members.
  • With a clear and solid proposal you could be the first individuals to highlight a serious lack of resources on your campus, which could motivate the administration to take action.
  • Dialogue with your on-campus health facility. Not only could they be a possible source of funding, but could also provide a safe and solitary location for the room.

3) Partner with local organizations

  • Partner with your state breastfeeding coalition. It would be beneficial to contact and inform them of your endeavors. For more information: http://www.usbreastfeeding.org/
  • You may also decide to partner with campus women’s groups or PRC’s around your area who may help fundraise with you

4) Fundraise for the room

  • Your group will need to get creative in ways to fund the project, especially if no one is willing to help you.
  • Banquets can often make $5000 or more in profit, while hosting a house party with a local PRC can help raise money for your cause.
  • The room, in itself, is not the fundraising problem. What will be necessary is the items/furniture you need to buy and the upkeep of the room after completion.
  • Consider asking for donated furniture

5) Locate a safe and silent area on your campus.

  • The room should be accessible, yet also private, well insulated, and safe
  • Depending on its’ priority for the school and the number of volunteers you gather, it could take 1 or 2 months to complete the room.

6) Advertise the lactation room.

  • Along with your partners, advertise the lactation room in areas with a high concentration of students.
  • Most likely, your on-campus health center would be willing to help advertising.
  • Make sure to point people in the directions of the room and also where to find other pregnancy resources on campus.


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