What Is Title IX?

The purpose of education is to equip and empower students to achieve their dreams and contribute meaningfully to society. The goal of schools should be to assist students, no matter their stage of life. If a student is being bullied by coaches, intimidated by professors, and pressured by friends, this is not the supportive, empowering environment that pregnant and parenting students on American campuses deserve.

Almost 3.8 million women will have a child each year and 1 in 5 college students are parents! These women should have our support! The issue begins when pregnant and parenting students are not given the support that is required to them by the law (and decent human beings). Title IX was enacted in 1972 to protect women from sex discrimination and has been applied to ensure that any school (high school or college) that receives federal funding cannot discriminate against students who are pregnant or parenting. Unfortunately, too many college students and athletes are still unaware of the rights that Title IX establishes, thus, they may be coerced into abortion.

To help women learn about their Title IX rights and the means to achieve their goals while parenting on campus, download these resources (if you attend a public school, contact us for a letter from our attorney). Hang flyers around your campus! Write an op-ed for your school paper! Post, post, post! on Social media. Collect signatures from your peers, coaches, administrators, and teachers demanding support for student parents. Deliver these petitions to the Dean of Student Affairs on your campus to be a voice for pregnant and parenting students.  YOU can help women succeed!

In the interest of presenting young women with ALL of their options, especially those guaranteed her by law, we have created the Pregnant on Campus Bill of Rights. If the following applies to you or someone you know, please contact the Pregnant on Campus Coordinator for assistance. You should never have to choose between your child and your dreams and now, you don’t have to!

Pregnant on Campus Bill of Rights

I. Pregnant students cannot be barred from activities enjoyed by fellow students, including but not limited to: club memberships, academic programs, and intramural activities.

II. Pregnant students should not be barred from utilizing campus housing and, upon birth of her child, should be permitted to make her own decision about off-campus housing.

III. Pregnant students cannot have their academic or athletic scholarships revoked due to pregnancy or be subject to penalty regarding any other type of financial aid.

IV. Professors and other staff may not punish pregnant students as a result of a medically necessary absence.Concessions must be made to re-take tests and complete other assignments if necessary.

V. Instructors cannot penalize a student because of his or her parenting status.

VI. Recipients of scholarships, athletic or otherwise, are to be fully informed of their Title IX rights. Coaches or other school officials who fail to fully inform students are to be deemed negligent.

VII. Athletic directors or coaches may not bully students into abortion threatening loss of future or present opportunity.

VIII. Campus Title IX offices are responsible for ensuring this law is followed. Too often, Title IX coordinators are either complacent or complicit in violations.

IX. Student problems and concerns must be addressed in a timely manner to ensure an uninterrupted education.

X. Failure to provide these protections to students must be reported.



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