Community Care
How can we better support students - PonC

Support for pregnant and parenting students often involves the help of local pregnancy resource centers and young adults, like you. It’s a big project! And we need all the help that we can get.

We encourage SFLA’s Pro-Life Future affiliated groups to join our Pregnant on Campus Initiative by participating in our Community Care program.

Program Goals

The Community Care program is designed to:

  • Activate young adult pro-life leaders in support of the expansion of pregnancy and parenting resources in their communities
  • Train and equip these young adult leaders in effective campus and community strategies and in the education and messaging of the Pregnant on Campus (PonC) Initiative so that they may advocate for PonC on local campuses and to community organizations
  • Support the PonC groups at the high school and college levels
  • Encourage young adult support of and involvement in local pregnancy resources centers (or similar organizations)

Group Involvement

Your Pro-Life Future group are invited to:

  • Participate in Pregnant on Campus trainings
  • Advertise pregnancy resources
  • Support and volunteer with local pregnancy support organizations
  • Advocate for the Pregnant on Campus Initiative on local campuses and in their community
  • Network with participating high school and college groups

Expectations: Community Care groups are encouraged to participate in 1 Pregnant on Campus training each year. These groups will pick a community partner to support and complete 5 hours of service (per year) that benefits their community partner (e.g. advertising, fundraising, volunteering). We encourage groups to engage in at least 1 hour of on-campus outreach at a local college campus.

Benefits of Participation

Our Pro-Life Future Coordinator will provide Pro-Life Future groups with free resources and trainings to support these groups efforts. The Pro-Life Future Coordinator and Pregnant on Campus Director can teach groups more effective ways to market resources, support their local pregnancy resource centers, support students on campus, and more! Groups are provided with a list of activity guidelines and welcome to explore the wide variety of resources available through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative.